Blood and Body Fluid Useful Links

The following resources related to BBFE prevention and management will provide additional information that may be useful to for health professionals.

Know the Facts if you may have been exposed to HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C
Brochure produced by Alberta Health Services. Included in this Toolkit with permission from AHS

Routine Practices
Alberta Health Services 3-page chart with pictograms depicting routine practices, produced by AHS Infection Prevention and Control

BBFE Report Form (sample)
This form was produced as part of the BBFE Project for the Collaborating Partners.

Controlling Exposure to BBFEs
The document was produced as part of the BBFE Project for the Collaborating Partners. This document provides general information about how exposures may be controlled, including a discussion about types of controls.

Generic Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control form
This form that can be used to assist in complying with legal requirements to identify and control workplace hazards. Developed by Wilco Health and Safety and used with permission.

Potential Biological Hazards and Controls
A summary of the common biological hazards and controls summarized for various healthcare professionals. Excerpted from a series of 14 Handbooks of Occupational Hazards and Controls for 14 specific health professions that were produced by, and used with permission of, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology

Sample Policy Template for the Prevention and Management of Blood and Body Fluid Exposures
Produced as part of the BBFE Project for the Collaborating Partners

Contact with Blood and other bodily fluids - Worker Fact Sheet
Produced by the Alberta Workers' Compensation Board

Alberta Legislation related to exposure to biological hazards
This is a summary of key requirements identified in legislation.

Alberta Guidelines for Non-Occupational, Occupational and Mandatory Testing and Disclosure Act Post-Exposure Management and Prophylaxis: HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Sexually Transmitted Infections
This document was published by the Alberta Government in 2015. These PEP Guidelines provide a full explanation of all recommended practices related to the management of BBFEs.

Guidelines for Hand Hygiene
This document was developed jointly by the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta, and the Alberta College of Pharmacists


If you have any questions related to BBFE, it is essential to seek help from a healthcare professional with experience in BBFE management.
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